• http://www.boeingbleudemer.com Cynthia

    Thank you for the tip! I'm really interested in the history classes

  • pablott

    Wow, what a wonderful resource! This is a great help for us language assistants.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/dgryski Damian

    The Quebec government has a similar website called “Allo Prof”. The virtual library is unfortunately flash-based and doesn't have the handy downloadable PDFs, but all the content is there. It's available at: http://www.alloprof.qc.ca/Bv/Bv.htm

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Awesome! Thanks for the link!

  • http://twitter.com/pacamanca leticia daquer

    Great link!

    I don't know much about material for learning Italian, but having lived here for over 8 years I can say they're not organized/disciplined/interested enough to create anything even remotely similar to what you've just posted about. Quite the opposite, really; since the latest changes made to their school system the whole thing has been going decidedly downhill.

    Please let me know if there's any way I can help you with your Italian. There might not be actual study material readily available, but if you need realia or advice or questions or someone to chat with in Italian or anything else, I'll be glad to help.

  • http://aspirantpolyglot.wordpress.com Kate

    That's pretty awesome. Thanks for the info. In South Africa, the government started publishing a tutorial-supplement (maths, science, biology only) in the newspapers once a week for 12-grade. I think that started back when I was in school, about 8 years ago. Actually not even sure if it's still going. But this French site is really organized, with a lot of material.

  • Claudius

    In case anyone doesn’t know it, there is also a good site for Cajun French:


  • Friendval

    Great link, thanks a lot! I am going to use it for my son who is bilingual french but goes to school here in the states. that will be a great way so he doesn't lose his french. About the italian language, unfortunately, french kids are still learning mostly german and spanish at schools, at least until the Terminal.

  • http://howlearnspanish.com/ Andrew

    That's wonderful that the government provides that sort of resource for free, I wish ours (U.S.) would do something like that and then encourage people to use it. Not that there aren't awesome free resources out there, but beyond those old FSI courses I'm not aware of anything offered by the government.


  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Cool! Thanks Claudius!

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Grazie Leticia! I appreciate it!

  • http://blog.mycollegesandcareers.com Fred

    Ca c’est formidable! C’est important a parteger la connaissance qu’on appris a l’ecole.

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