French Language Tutorial (2nd edition) Now Available

The 2nd edition of French Language Tutorial is now available! This is a major update from the first edition, available in either PDF format or as a coil-bound paperback.

Changes from the first edition:

  • Much more vocabulary and sample sentences, such as asking for help, giving advice, expressing opinions, likes & dislikes, etc.
  • New order of topics with cross-references (clickable within the PDF) for easier review of previous vocabulary
  • Conjugations in present, past (imperfect) and future tenses for irregular verbs throughout the book, with IPA for pronunciation
  • Each page has its own mp3 to make listening and reading along easier
  • Mp3s have been re-recorded by three native speakers (including a female voice)
  • Alphabetical index for vocabulary and grammar topics

The 2nd edition of FLT is on sale for a special introductory price of $14.95 (PDF) or $29.95 (paperback) while I finish editing and uploading the new mp3s.

As a thank you to everyone who bought the first edition, I have sent out a discount code so that you can download the 2nd edition for FREE if you previously bought the PDF. If you bought the paperback, please forward me your Lulu receipt and I will reply with the discount code for 50% off the 2nd edition.

Visit the store for more information or click Buy Now to order online. If you’d like to see a preview of the book, including the new table of contents, go to the Lulu Marketplace page and click Preview under the cover photo.

French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.) e-book

PDF format / 226 pages

Immediate download through E-Junkie


Buy Now

French Language Tutorial (2nd ed.) paperback

coil-bound / 228 pages

Shipped worldwide by


Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Remember: the website tutorial no longer matches the book, so make sure to download the new mp3s when they are available at I will be uploading them this week as fast as I can!

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  • Zhu

    Great job! Your dedication is pretty impressive :-)

  • Bob

    Merci. Looking forward to the audio.

  • Andrew

    Looks fantastic, I’ll definitely be referring back to your site when I start on French (no clue when that’ll be but I’m definitely going to do it), and I wish you the best of luck with this.


  • Aarongmyers

    Looks great. Wondering if you have an affiliate program through ejunkie?  Would love to feature this guide as part of The Everyday Language Guides site.


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The 2nd edition of French Language Tutorial is available as a PDF book. It has been updated with much more vocabulary, sample sentences, and cultural information, plus extended vocabulary lists, cross-referenced topics, and an alphabetical index.

Visit the Store to buy the PDF e-book for $14.95 as an instant download or the paperback book for $29.95 + shipping (shipped worldwide by Purchase of the printed book includes the PDF book for free! Thank you for supporting!

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