For the France & French Lovers in America (and Elsewhere)

It’s too hot for me to stay at the computer and do a real update. It was about 37° C / 98.6° F here today and it’s still not that cool at 10 PM. The Tour de France started in Chambéry this afternoon before heading down to Gap and I feel sorry for the cyclists who had to deal with this heat. Unlike the rest of France, it has not rained here at all. Normally I love the heat but without air conditioning or a pool, I’m a little over it.

As today is la fête nationale in France (NOT Bastille Day! French people have no idea what that is), here are some new resources for gaining exposure to French language and culture, especially for my fellow Americans:

  • The news channel France 24 is now available everywhere in the United States on the DISH network in its original French version. Previously, only a few states had access to the English version.
  • TV5Monde (also available on DISH network) has a new program dedicated to Francophone related events throughout America: Rendez-vous d’Amérique
  • France finally created an official tourism website for the entire country,, that was officially launched today. It also includes information for residents of France who are studying or working here instead of just visiting as a tourist, available in 5 languages: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish. Unfortunately the servers have already crashed because so many people were accessing the site so it is currently down. Hopefully it will be back online soon!
  • Jen

    Hi Jennie, I came to Annecy last year and stayed for a week during the Tour De France. We loved it so much we're coming back for a fortnight this year to the same house (near Duingt).

    I wondered, I had heard there was a science and technology place somewhere near Annecy for kids, but I have been unable to track it down. Have you heard of it?

    Thanks in anticipation


  • Nikita_the_traveller

    Re: France 24… I get it in Hong Kong as one of the “free” stations I don't have to pay for or subscribe to… But I notice that it is in English?! What's up with that? Just which audience is it marketed to? I always wondered about that.

  • On the French “who wants to be a millionaire”, they asked How do Americans call the 14th of July? The public mostly voted for “Revolution day” and no one voted for “Bastille day”, they guy went with the answer from the public and lost!

    So yeah, no one in France knows about Bastille day 🙂

  • Great links! Thanks!

    Kinda weird that there was no official site before now. Then again, there are already gazillions out there dedicated to FR tourism, so….

  • Blows my mind that France only now decided to put up a tourism website…

    LMAO, it's down!!! Ha ha. Here's a screenshot for posterity in case they fix it by the time you see this:

  • ielanguages

    Haha I know, it's been down for more than 24 hours now! lol

  • ielanguages

    It does seem weird, but I guess since there wasn't one officially sanctioned by the government for the entire country, they decided to make their own (and screw it up with crappy servers.)

  • ielanguages

    I saw that episode too! 🙂

  • ielanguages

    I guess Americans who are expats in France or who just like all things French. It does seem weird that they broadcast it only in English in certain areas.

  • ielanguages

    I asked David if he knew about a place like that, but he doesn't. I'll keep asking around for you though.