By   March 28, 2007

I frequently borrow childrens’ books from the local médiathèque, conveniently located two blocks from our apartment. David and I decided to borrow a book called Etats-Unis yesterday to see if it was accurate in its description of my country.

We were reading through it together last night when we came across this sentence describing Thanksgiving: “Nous mangeons de la dinde rôtie, du maïs, des patates douces, de la compote de canneberges et de la tarte à la citrouille.”

David asks, “C’est quoi, canneberges?” I reply, “C’est Québécois pour cranberry!” I was so excited to see a Quebecois word in a book I found in France! And to teach David a new word in his own language. Well, sort of. Or should I say, to teach him a word in our hopefully-soon-to-be new language?

In conclusion, I love Quebecois French.