• alba

    hi jennie, i’ve tried to see if any other french universities have advertised for lecteurs/maitre de langue posts but no luck so far, other than the one you’ve posted… was that the only one you saw too?

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    So far yes, but I’m sure more will appear in January after the holiday break.

  • Kelsy Kinderknecht

    Hi, Jennie,

    Thanks for the information! Do these positions require a master’s in any particular field, or will any master’s do? I have a master’s in math, which I realize isn’t at all relevant, but I do have a bachelor’s in French and am currently working for TAPIF. Thanks again!

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Most universities specify that you should have a Master’s degree in linguistics, TESL or a similar subject – but you can always send your CV anyway, especially since you have the TAPIF experience.

  • Sierra N

    Salut Jennie,

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been an avid reader of your website for years, and I’m finally starting to seriously think about working abroad. I currently teach middle school English learners and masters’s degree classes in the teacher education program at my local university. I’m thinking that being a Lectrice d’Anglais in France would be a wonderful change of pace. I’m currently in the process of translating my CV and cover letter. Any advice would be welcome. :-)



  • Kim C

    Jennie, do you think that working as a maître de langue would be appropriate for someone with a child? I noticed that housing was offered at the university and I didn’t know if children would be welcome. Any help is appreciated!

  • Melissa

    Hello Jennie,
    From your experience, when do universities begin contacting the applicants they would like to hire for maître de langue positions? If applications are due late March/early April, can one expect to hear back by May or June, or might it be later in the summer? Thank you for maintaining this website, by the way. So much useful information!

  • Charity


    How easy would it be to transition from a maitre or lectrice position into something more permanent? I see that there is a 2 year max for these jobs (I assume that’s a bit of French red tape) but I’m planning on relocating to France permanently.

    I have my M.A. in English and am currently teaching English at a University in China. I want to continue teaching at the college level (and maybe down the road obtain a PhD, still undecided on that) but is it even possible to shift from these positions to something full time within the university?


  • Nika

    Just want to say thanks for all this info.

  • Katie

    I was planning to apply for Paris-Sorbonne. Why did they close it early??? :(

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    They probably received a ton of CVs and didn’t want any more :(

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Yeah, I would say one or two months is normal. Though if the job listing went up in June, it might not be until September thanks to les grandes vacances.

  • charityj

    How long does it usually take to hear from these universities? I got my C.V. and application in for Sorbonne before it closed (and got confirmation that it was received) but I haven’t heard anything yet. Should I take that as a bad sign? Is it normal for these jobs to inform you if you haven’t made the cut or am I supposed to email them and ask at some point? (sorry for asking a million questions!)

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Some universities will only contact people who were short-listed for interviews. Paris-Sorbonne’s website now says “Si, vous n’avez pas reçu de message de notre part le 5 avril, cela signifie que votre dossier n’a pas été retenu. A cause du très grand nombre de dossiers déposés, nous ne pourrons pas envoyer de réponse individuelle aux candidats non retenus.”

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    It’s a bit difficult if you don’t have an EU nationality since the permanent positions of maître de conférence and professeur des universités are technically civil servant jobs. Contract jobs require a PhD (such as ATER), or you could be a doctorant contractuel for 3 years during your PhD. Chargé d’enseignement might also be a possibility, though it is not full-time.

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    I’ve known some English assistants who brought their kids to France and it worked out fine. At least with the maître job you’d get paid more. You don’t have to use the university housing if you don’t want to or it’s too small for more than one person.

  • Tanya

    Hey do you have the contact for the Université Paris Est Marne lectorship by any chance?? thanks! I’ll keep checking back here for more

  • Frances

    I was one they didn’t contact. I’ll be starting my second year as Maitre de Langue at the rentree. Do I have any options after that? I know it’s only for two years max but I want to stay in France. I don’t have a Masters but got the job because of my extensive teaching a experience and 9 years studying in tertiary education.

  • Adri

    Thank you so much Jennie, for taking the time to share this info and continually update the site.

    I was curious as to if you had any info on “being wait listed?” I was wait listed for the Institut du Monde Anglophone Sorbonne Nouvelle opening however, judging by how negative the e-mail sounded in the beginning, I was shocked to read in the following paragraph “La Commission vous a néanmoins placé(e) sur liste d’attente.” Do they wait list everybody who isn’t offered a position, or is it just a cultural thing to address being wait listed so negatively. Thoughts? Thank you.

  • charityj

    Thanks for the info! I’ve applied for several of these positions but have gotten a “no” from two and am still waiting to hear back from others. I started out a bit confident because I thought that even as an American my qualifications (M.A. in English, B1 level French, 1 year of full-time teaching experience at a university and several years of part-time experience in the states) would make it easier to find a position. After both rejections though I’m a bit worried. How many positions did you apply for before you were accepted?

  • Priscilla

    Has anyone heard back from Paris Ouest Nanterre? When do they normally tell you?

  • Lizzie

    Hi Jennie,
    Will you be updating this for the 2015-16 school year? Thanks

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Yes, I plan to.

  • Liz

    Thanks so much! I’m just finishing my masters and would love to get a job in France for next year while working on PhD applications.

  • Kevin


    This is really useful info, thanks!

    I was wondering if anyone knows when approximately do universities
    usually advertise the lecteur d’anglais positions? i.e. what month. I know I’m
    quite early, but just wondering.

    Also, does anyone know how competitive the places are? I
    wouldn’t mind so much, for the first year going to one of the less “popular”

    And how about level of French? Currently mine is only about B1. Not sure if
    some unis are looking people with closer to B2/C1 level, so just wonder what
    kind of chances I have. I have a master’s
    in TESOL by the way.


  • Mary

    Love this blog! When do you estimate the maitre de langue positions for 2015-2016 will be posted? Thanks!

  • http://www.ielanguages.com Jennie Wagner

    Sometimes positions are posted in December but usually it’s more often they appear in February/March

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