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English Lecteur Positions at French Universities 2017-2018

Teach English in France

Welcome to the 2017-2018 list of English lecteur / lectrice and maître de langue positions at French universities!

Read through this previous post about these English lecteur / lectrice positions in France for more information and the education requirements.  You can also check out last year’s job listings to get an idea of when most deadlines are and which universities were hiring.

I’ll continue to add new job listings to this post as I receive them, so be sure to check back often and follow ielanguages on Twitter where I always tweet the new job listings.

If your university has a job listing to advertise, e-mail me at

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Lecteurs/lectrices work up to 300 hours of travaux pratiques (TP) per year, or possibly up to 100 hours of travaux dirigés (TD). TP is generally labs/workshops/testing or other classes that require very little preparation, while TD refers to actual lectures, which obviously require more preparation. For lecteur/lectrice positions, you should not be asked to work more than 100 TD hours per year. Maîtres de langue work 288 hours of TP or 192 hours of TD.  Some universities have been hiring lecteurs and forcing them to work 200 TD hours so they only have to pay the lecteur salary instead of the maître de langue salary. In January 2014, Heike Romoth published an article in SNESUP (bottom of page 17 in the PDF) criticizing this illegal practice. The official décret states that “Les lecteurs de langue étrangère assurent un service annuel en présence des étudiants de 300 heures de travaux pratiques. Leur service peut comporter des travaux dirigés sans que leur nombre d’heures annuelles de travaux dirigés puisse être supérieur à 100.”  If you are hired as a lecteur/lectrice, please make sure the university is not exploiting you by making you do more work for less pay. This has been a problem particularly at universities in and around Paris.


Added May 16, 2017:

The University of Angers is looking for a Maître de Langue, for its Law department. You need to speak fluent English, decent French, and have a Master’s Degree in Law to apply. Please feel free to pass the word if you know of anyone who might be interested. The ad is not on the university website yet, but you can write to me at this address:


Added May 12, 2017:

Poste de lecteur [download pdf of job description]
Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO)

L’Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO), Boulogne-sur-Mer, France has one vacancy for a position of “Lecteur/Lectrice” (entry level teaching position) at the Département de Langues et Langues Appliquées for a 1-year (renewable) contract starting September 1st, 2017 and ending August 31st, 2018. Aside from the holiday periods, lecteurs must be ready and willing to work throughout the duration of their contract. This teaching position is open to native English speakers who are university graduates (4 year degree or Masters) preferably in English, French, history, politics, education and/or another Arts/Humanities subject.

The lecteurs mainly teach oral classes in small groups but will also teach other classes, e.g. English for non-specialists (100h TD). The workload is defined by the Languages Department but some of the teaching is done for other departments.

Teaching experience and/or training in teaching English as a foreign language (or in teaching French) and/or working in a language centre, although not essential, would be an advantage. We are looking for independent, dynamic, flexible, positive, constructive team players. The Department’s two language assistants (one European and one non-European) are encouraged to work together, both in teaching and administrative duties and in club activities. These can be adapted to each assistant’s talents and include organizing activities (Pub Quizzes, conversation sessions, cinema club, theatre club, etc.). The lecteurs are expected to put in the necessary time to do lesson planning and marking, participating with colleagues in developing audio and multimedia resources for teaching English.

Please email a letter of application and the list of documents below including address, email, telephone number:
1) a CV in French (see model below), with a recent photograph of the candidate;
2) a detailed CV in English;
3) a French letter of application;
4) a photocopy of passport page with photo;
5) photocopy of your highest university degree;
6) letters of reference and the names, addresses, emails and phone numbers of possible referees;
7) MP3 or MP4 recording by the candidate of the following:
a) a brief presentation of the candidate in English (2-3 minutes) for the job application,
b) a brief presentation of the candidate in French (2-3 minutes) for the job application

Send the above as soon as possible preferably before 2nd June 2017 to and to

Curriculum vitae en français (modèle)
Nom patronymique:         Nom marital :
Prénom :
Date de naissance :
Lieu de naissance :
Nationalité :
Marié – célibataire – divorcé
Nombre d’enfants :
Adresse :
Tél mobile :
Tél. fixe à l’étranger :
Skype/WhatsApp :
Diplôme(s) obtenu(s) (joindre la photocopie) :
Nature : Date d’obtention :
Université :
Attestations : (Nom, qualité et adresse électronique de deux universitaires pouvant fournir une attestation sur le candidat ) :
Activités universitaires /professionnelles en 2016-2017
Expérience d’enseignement des langues vivantes :
Autres emplois occupés :
Séjours précédents en France :


[This position has been filled.] La Faculté de Médecine Montpellier-Nîmes recrute actuellement des anglophones ayant un niveau Master 1 (validation d’une année post-licence) pour un poste de lecteur pour l’année universitaire 2017-18 avec un contrat de 12 mois, éventuellement renouvelable une fois seulement.  300 heures d’enseignement (TP) par année universitaire.

Université d’Orléans is hiring a lecteur/lectrice. Deadline is May 15, 2017. [download pdf of job description]

Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Étienne is hiring a lecteur/lectrice in the Science Faculty for 2017-18. Deadline to apply is May 15, 2017. [download pdf of job description]

L’Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse recrute un lecteur au titre du décret n°87-754 du 14 septembre 1987. Les candidatures peuvent être déposées jusqu’au 5 mai 2017. Le dossier de candidature, composé d’un curriculum vitae, d’une lettre de motivation, d’une copie du diplôme le plus élevé obtenu et d’une copie d’une pièce d’identité, est à envoyer par courrier électronique à et à

Université de Perpignan-Via Domitia is hiring a non-European English lecteur/lectrice for 2017-18. Applications (CV in English, cover letter in French) should be sent jointly by 25th April, 2017 to Mme Isabelle CASES,, Directrice, Département des Etudes Anglophones Mme Hélène GUILLAUME,

L’université de Cergy-Pontoise (région parisienne) recrute pour la rentrée 2017-18 un lecteur ou une lectrice anglophone. Le dossier de candidature devra être transmis par courier électronique avant le 1er mai 2017 à,, henry.wyld@u-cergy. fr : un CV, une lettre de motivation, la photocopie d’une pièce d’identité, copie des diplômes, et lettres de recommandation (éventuellement). Des entretiens seront organisés à l’UCP en mai-juin 2017.

Université de Bordeaux is hiring four English lecteurs/lectrices. Application materials must be uploaded before April 27, 2017.

Université Clermont Auvergne (France) has one vacancy for a position of “Lecteur/Lectrice” (entry level teaching position, not to be mistaken with the English term “lecturer”) at the Hypermedia Language Centre at the Faculty of Languages, Cultures and Communication for a 1-year (renewable) contract starting September 1st, 2017 and ending August 31st, 2018. Aside from the holiday periods, lecteurs must be ready and willing to work throughout the duration of their contract.

The position involves teaching in a multimedia lab and offers a relatively rare opportunity to gain valuable experience in a developing area. The centre, which earned the European Award for Languages in 2003, aims to foster and develop students’ oral

 communication and comprehension skills in English by its unique combination of face-to-face group activities and on-computer pair work:

Contact hours average about 19-22 hours (maximum) a week during term time but work will also include tutoring students’ recorded discussions on our own software platform and working with colleagues to prepare and update multimedia lesson material, taking part in university events and fairs, writing and supervising exams, correcting and supervising resits.

The applicant should be a university graduate and a native speaker of English with training and experience in TEFL (preferably at least two years’ teaching experience). A qualification such as the CELTA would be particularly appreciated. He or she should be enthusiastic about working with ITC in a communicative approach as part of a dynamic team.

We are looking for independent, dynamic, positive, constructive team players, able to do their own lesson planning, ready to put in the necessary time it takes to do lesson planning and marking, who are flexible and who can adapt quickly to unforeseen changes in organization.

A CV, letter of reference, references and covering letter should be sent by email to:

Emily Butler,, head of the Hypermedia Language Centre.

Application deadline: Friday the 14th of April 2017.

Interviews: May 2017.

L’UFR Lansad de l’Université de Lorraine a deux postes de lecteurs anglophones à pourvoir à la prochaine rentrée de septembre.

Voici ci-dessous les modalités des postes :

Poste de lecteur d’anglais – Université de Lorraine (Nancy)
UFR LANSAD (Langues pour Spécialistes d’Autres Disciplines)

Le PEARL (Pôle d’Enseignement, d’Autoformation et de Recherche en Langues), recrute des lecteurs d’anglais (langue maternelle) pour le 1er septembre 2017.


Le candidat doit être de langue maternelle anglaise et disposer d’une bonne maîtrise de la langue française. Il doit justifier de l’obtention d’un titre ou diplôme d’un niveau Master 1. Une expérience d’enseignement préalable est appréciée mais elle n’est pas obligatoire.

Attention, les personnes ayant déjà fait 2 ans de lectorat ne sont pas éligibles pour ce poste.

Charge d’enseignement

Enseignement de la langue anglaise niveau intermédiaire et avancé. Le service du lecteur se répartit entre plusieurs structures (campus lettres et sciences humaines, campus droit-économie, ISAM-IAE, formation MIAGE de Nancy).

Il dispensera des cours de langue anglaise écrite et orale (sujets transversaux et de spécialité) ainsi que des cours de conversation et des ateliers dans nos centres de langues. Il travaillera en équipe avec des enseignants permanents et il pourra avoir à gérer certains cours en autonomie.

Le lecteur participera également à la conception des sujets de contrôle continu ou terminaux, à la surveillance des examens et à la correction des copies.

Conditions d’exercice

  • Contrat du 1er septembre 2017 au 31 août 2018.
  • Renouvelable une fois pour la même durée.
  • Charge d’enseignement de 200 heures TD et jusqu’à 100 heures complémentaires, sur une durée de 10 à 12 semaines par semestre
  • Rémunération de 1486 euros bruts/mois

Dossier de candidature

à transmettre par mail aux deux contacts ci-dessous pour le 31 mars 2017 :

– curriculum vitae
– lettre de motivation
– copie des diplômes
– lettre de recommandation

Contacts et envoi du dossier de candidature :

Carine Martin (directrice du PEARL) :
Claire Semin (responsable des lecteurs du PEARL) :

The IUT of Cachan (15 minutes from Paris on line B or the 187 bus) is looking for a “lecteur ou lectrice d’anglais”. This teaching position is open to native English speakers who have a Master’s Degree (Master 1). 

This job offer is for a young man or woman who is interested in leading conversation classes with small groups of first and second year engineering students. The contract is for one year for 300 teaching hours spread out between school holidays. The salary is paid monthly from September 1st 2017 until August 31st 2018.

If you would like to apply for this job, please send your CV and cover letter to Mme Ennezat ( who is also available for any further questions you may have.

La Faculté des Sciences et Technologies à Vandoeuvre lès Nancy at Université de Lorraine is hiring an English lecteur. Send CV and lettre de motivation in French by midnight 17 March 2017. [download pdf of job listing]

L’Université de Poitiers recrute pour 2017-2018:

– 3 lecteurs pour le CAREL à Royan —
– 1 maître de langue pour l’UFR de Pharmacie-Médecine à Poitiers —
– 1 maître de langue pour l’ENSIP à Poitiers —
– 1 lecteur pour l’UFR de Lettres & Langues à Poitiers —

Les dossiers sont à envoyer à et AVANT FIN FEVRIER. Les dossiers incomplets ne seront pas examinés. En cas de candidatures plurielles, il faut un seul dossier, mais une lettre de motivation spécifique pour chaque  candidature. [download docx]

École Normale Supérieure de Lyon will hire four English-language lecteurs for 2017. [download pdf]

Applications for lecteur positions at Université Toulouse Jean Jaurès are due by March 1, 2017. [calendrier pdf] Positions are not always posted on the website, but you can just send your dossier to/contact individual departments. [recrutement lecteur 2017 doc] Keep checking the Documents à Télécharger sidebar for information on how many lecteurs will be needed for 2017-18.

At the Sorbonne Nouvelle (Université Paris 3), the département du Monde Anglophone recruits several English lecteurs and one maître de langue each year. Deadline is March 13 for the lecteur positions, and March 6 for the maître de langue position.

Other Options to Teach English

If you are not qualified to teach at the university level, consider the Teaching Assistant Program in France to teach in the French public school system. The contract is shorter and the pay is less, but it is good experience if you plan to move up to teaching at the university level later on. Deadlines are from December to March, depending on your nationality. (The American program has a deadline of January 31, 2017). There are also other opportunities to teach English in Europe if you would like to teach in other countries.

If you are an American citizen with a Master’s degree in TESOL/linguistics, you can also apply to the English Language Fellow Program to teach English overseas for 10 months. The locations change every year, but there are many options available and the stipend is $30,000.

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  • Aoife Cunningham

    I have been very grateful for this blog last year and now this year! I just have one question though and I’m not sure if anyone here could help me out. This is my second year working as a lectrice, I would like to continue if possible but I have seen that many universities have a 2 year only policy.Is there any way to get around this?

    • It’s extremely rare and you’d have to get the President of the university to sign off on it. These jobs are becoming more and more competitive so I wouldn’t count on being able to stay longer than 2 years.

    • Eric Alvarez

      Hi there, I agree with Jennie below in that it’s rare to be able to renew for a third year. First of all, I don’t think there’s any way to “get around” this.
      I think it has a lot to do with the universities needs, their location, and then some really good persuasion skills. Unless you’re teaching something so specialised that it’s hard to find the right candidate in a remote city/town where there aren’t many applicants, in this case you may have a good chance, if you could convince someone. It happened to a friend of mine many years back in Valenciennes.
      The fact is though, that these jobs are more competitive, and applicants are also more and more qualified…If you have a masters, have you considered a Maître de langue position?
      Good luck!

  • Keira Moulding

    Hi, can anyone tell me how strict the policy is with universities on the requirement to have studied for 1 year of a masters? I have an undergrad degree, TEFL, and 1 years teaching experience, but don’t have any plans to start studying for a masters… is there any point me applying anyway or are the lecteur roles strictly for masters students?

    • Eric Alvarez

      Hi there, as far as I’ve researched, in the past, to be a Lecteur you needed to have a masters, and to be a Maître de langue you needed to have completed at least your first year of PhD studies.
      However, things have changed and the new decree states that a Lecteur de langue should have a bachelors degree, or equivalent, and a Maître de langue should have a 2 years masters degree, or equivalent. So, technically, you meet the qualification.
      Keep in mind however, that since the requirements for either of these positions have gotten easier in terms of qualifications, the competition is fierce, especially in Paris and its suburbs. Here, you have highly qualified candidates (at least masters) with several years of teaching experience for a Lecteur position for example. In the country though, and lesser known cities, you may have better chances. Good luck!

      • The law now specifies that you must have Bac+4 and completed one year of graduate studies so many universities are no longer accepting 4-year Bachelor’s degrees.

    • Most universities are getting stricter with the one year of Master’s requirement. The law states Bac+4 so 4-year Bachelor’s degrees were accepted in the past, but now it also specifies that you have to have completed one year of graduate studies.

      “Le candidat doit justifier d’au moins 1 an d’études post-graduate, soit un niveau d’étude équivalent au minimum à Bac+4 en France au jour de son embauche.”

  • Phil

    Great list. I was a lecteur for 2 years but refused a maitre de langue job as they said it was the same contract. Does that mean I can never be a maitre de langue? As far as I understand, the CDD contract finished so in theory, I should be able to get another for a maitre de langue post but nobody really knows.

    • Eric Alvarez

      Hello, as far as I’ve both researched and have been told from professionals in the field, you can be a Lecteur de langue for two years, and then a Maître de langue for another two years, in both cases there’s also a possibility to renew for a third and final year, but it’s rare.
      But, if “they” have said it’s the same contract, and “they” refers to your current university employer, then chances are that it’s because “they” are ripping you off by giving you the workload of a Maître de langue, yet paying you a Lecteur de langue salary.
      Basically, a LdL can teach a MAX of 100TD + 150TP, OR 300TP of annual service for about 1250 euros net.
      On the other hand, a MdL can teach UPTO 192TD to complete their annual service for about 1550 euros net.
      Thus, what some universities have done (which is totally illegal) since they no longer have TP in their curriculum, is to have their Lecteurs work 200TD to start, and then pay any TD hours over 200 as ‘overtime’. Problem is, is that if your teaching 200TD, then essentially you’re taking on the teaching load of a MdL including admin, grading, prepping duties that go with, for the salary of a LdL…get it?
      So, “they” rather just tell you that it’s the same contract, even though it’s not both in terms of teaching load and pay.
      I know this because it happened to me this year. For the last who knows how many decades my university had been practising what I just described, of course to save money like all others, but I quickly caught on, further researched the decrees, contacted the union, and then took action by sending the university president a letter letting him know that my annual service would be complete come mid-November if they didn’t find me TP.
      I ended up only teaching upto 100TD in the first semester, finished mid-November (they had to hire vacataires to finish my classes), and then was off until the end of January. For the second semester, they scrambled to find us some TP, managing to get together around 70, or slightly under half of what I should’ve taught this semester…Even though I succeeded in defending my rights, and even came up winning, I can’t imagine how many others out there are getting ripped off…

      • Phil

        Thanks. I’ve asked about it and will reapply. They can’t say it’s a renewal with a year gap. It’s a new contract. Even if it’s the same contract with just a different job title, it’s a not a renewal. I wonder if it is actually possible to be a lecteur again. If your contract ends then there is no reason I can think of for not giving you a new contract. I think I’ll have to ask the union.

    • Many universities specify that that limit is two years as a lecteur, or two years as a maitre, or one year of each, since they consider it the same job.

      “Les candidatures des personnes ayant déjà occupé le poste de lecteur/lectrice ou maître de langues pendant deux ans dans une université en France ne sont pas recevables.”

  • Caryn

    Thanks for all of the info! 🙂 Do you know if the L’ESPE de l’Académie de Lyon job is a new listing? I tried applying for this position which appears to be the same one, but I missed the April 6 deadline by one day and they were very clear in saying that they don’t accept late applications. Just wondering if it’s the same job or not. Thanks!

    • I’m not sure. I received it on March 31, but with no other information.

      • Caryn

        Ok. Thank you!

    • Megan Lapke

      They are not accepting applications for me either. I do not think it’s a new listing

  • Megan Lapke

    Don’t apply to the L’ESPE de l’Académie de Lyon job – she is not accepting applications

    • Thanks for the confirmation. I have removed it from the listings.