Death of a Language Website:

Last year a friend of mine who had recently immigrated to Quebec sent me a link to a great website about learning Canadian French. The URL was simply and the site included grammar and vocabulary specific to Quebec as well as several videos of Quebecois songs and examples of Quebecois speech. It was an extremely useful site for learning the Quebecois accent and understanding another variety of French. I noticed the updates stopped in late 2009 but I only recently checked the actual website and found that it was gone.

I want to learn Canadian French too!

I created a Playlist in YouTube for most of the artists who appeared on the site (plus other famous French Canadian singers), but I would really like to access the rest of the information, especially on pronunciation. The RSS feed only goes back until the end of October and the site is not yet archived in the Wayback Machine. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Kevin, the author of the site, please let me know. It’s such a shame that this valuable resource has disappeared from the internet.

  • That makes no sense whatsoever to delete a site like that–even if you're not going to keep updating it you're still far better off just leaving it up and throwing some ads on it, you'll almost always make more money off the ads than the site will cost you to keep up. It very rarely makes sense to delete a website you own. Shame.


  • Ray

    What an amazing site! Within seconds of finding you I linked into it from my dinky blog…. I'm using much the same music as you… Diam's is brilliant, I really love Saez, Zazie, Noir Desir… but it took me a good while to go through all the dross and find these brilliant French bands.
    As you like other languages, I hope you have found the great German band Wir sind Helden { check out Nur ein wort), and the beautiful Spanish bands Vetusta Morla ( listen to Al Respirar) and Ninos mutantes.
    As to the site… I agree with Andrew… just keep it there.
    Anyway, thanks for the brilliant site .
    Best wishes from Ray at

  • nc

    hey,it's such a shame that I just googled this site and found it is not there.. would you please share with us some of your RSS of it? Maybe you could send me an email of all you have in the RSS.. Je suis vachement intéressant de l'apprendre..

    Merci! nickcake[at]

  • If you just enter into your Reader, you should be able to view the articles.

  • Thanks Ray! Good luck with French!

  • nc

    wow thanks!! I've got those old stuff from Kevin

  • Amy

    Hey Jennie,
    I did a little googling and I think this may be who you’re looking for:
    His LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are listed there. Good luck.

  • I also mourn the loss of a good site for learning Canadian French. While I don’t really think I can fill the gap left by this good site, here’s a link to my software for learning Canadian French:

    I’m very open to your suggestions about things like what kinds of lessons to add.

    Brent Van Arsdell