Death of a language website: [UPDATED: It’s back online and there are at least 3 mirror sites]

UPDATE: The site is back online!!! All of the files are also available at,, or, or you can use this torrent if you’d like to download everything.

If anyone knows what happened to, please let me know! It was the site that included all of the Foreign Service Institute courses in the public domain, and where I downloaded the courses in order to turn them into HTML pages for my FSI Project. For about a month the site has been unavailable with a 403 Forbidden message. There haven’t been any new files added since January 2011, but the site was still online as of this January. (Thanks Internet Archive!), where have you gone?, where have you gone?

For those who have been downloading the FSI files for a while, you may remember that was actually created when the webmaster of stopped updating the site. The files are no longer available through that original site either. I downloaded many of the courses, but not all of them, and although some are available as torrents, I don’t know of another way of downloading the materials. Were any mirror sites ever created?

If anyone has any information about – I believe the webmaster went by VagabondPilgrim on the forums – or if the files are available to download in another location, please leave a comment or email me. A lot of people spent MANY hours digitizing the books and cassettes in order to share them with other language learners, so we need to get them back online!



Try these sites (first three are mirror sites that should contain everything that is on the original site):

  1. – includes everything that was available on
  2. – includes everything that was available on
  4. – directory listings for both FSI and Defense Language Institute public domain courses
  5. – just the DLI courses
  6. Scribd
  8. Wayback Machine

If you want to download all of the FSI files that were available, Joni has created a torrent (20.8 GB) from a site rip done in January 2011. Please help seed it for others to download too!


Thanks everyone!

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  • Jennie Wagner
  • Jennie Wagner

    It is also on the antibozo site, just in the other folder:

  • Jo

    Thank you very much!

  • Raymond Blakney

    Hi everyone,
    My name is Ray, and I run a small site called Live Lingua. I also noticed like the rest of you that the FSI site was down about 2 weeks ago. I have a backup of all the books and materials and am currently uploading them to my site at:

    I will also try to make the format a bit more up to date (compared to the old FSI site) so that the page can be viewed via mobile devices. I started work on the page today, and am uploading the files as we speak – over 20 gigs (so it will take a few day). I hope to have it ready by the end of next week. I hope this helps.

  • vic

    its back and i tried going to website today and was so happy again to see it working

  • Jennie Wagner

    Thanks for uploading the materials! I’ll add your link.

  • Artur Gurgul

    I would like to improve these materials, make them more actual, more interactive, and re-share them using very liberal licence, but I need to be sure that it is worth to take effort, and nobody will claim any rights to the work. I will be grateful for the link to government site where is such information, or point the law that says it is public domain.

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