Comparative Grammar of the French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese Languages

Comparative Grammar of French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese Available as PDF

Comparative Grammar of French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese Available as PDF

I have finally finished scanning the 1868 book Comparative Grammar of French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese Languages by Edwin A. Notley that I first mentioned in April. It is 412 pages total and available to download in PDF format.

The original 19 x 13 cm book is set up with two columns on the left page for French and Italian and two columns on the right page for Spanish and Portuguese. If you want to print a section, I would advise experimenting with multiple page or booklet printing first. I tried to clean up the pages the best that I could considering the age of the book, and some of the pages are not as straight as I would like them to be, but I wanted to share this book sooner rather than later.

You can download the file from one of the following links. The file size is about 69.1 MB, so please be patient.


UPDATE: @MmeCaspari has uploaded the PDF to FlipSnack if you’d like to flip through the book online before downloading. (Also works on iPad/iPhone/iPod.)


Disclaimer: This book is in the public domain in the US since it was published before 1922. Please check your country’s copyright laws before downloading if you are not in the US.

  • Marta Ortells


  • Kindra

    Amazing! Thank you so much. This is going to help me and my husband a lot. I hate scanning a lot of things and so this must have been a lot of work for you. But know that we are very thankful.

    • It turned out to be a lot more work than I thought, but I really wanted to share it with everyone. I love public domain books!

  • Kate

    Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

  • I’ve been looking forward to this. Thanks very much.

    You may already have it since you’ve got an extensive collection, but The Story of Latin and the Romance Languages by Mario Pei is enjoyable. It’s more historical than comparative.

    • I have heard of that book but not yet read it. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Hey,
    Great Blog!!
    When I studied Portuguese It was easer for me than other people since I knew French!
    Even more, When I was in Italy I could speak to them in portuguese and they understood a lot of what I said!!



     Learn French On The Internet

  • Nida S

    That’s really cool thank you! I’m trying to learn French and Spanish and lucky for me they’re very similar! I’ve been using these e-books from Eton Institute on my Kindle and they’re pretty useful. Can’t wait to visit Paris or Madrid and use my language skills!

    • Jen Acosta

      Im trilingual. Little advise dont translate just learn how To say the same differently. Ex:
      I got To go
      Je doit y aller
      Me tengo que ir
      My next ill be Portuguese and italian im not Perfect but Hey i can go To Paris.

  • Jini

    This is so kind of you – just what I was looking for! Thanks ever so much, 


  • Stacia_rain

     I know scanning is a pain in the butt, but this is fantastic to have! Thank you for doing all that work!

  • Legal notes: If Edwin A. Notley died before January 1st, 1912, then it is public domain worldwide.

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  • Calle Österlind

    Hi, one of the links for downloading Comparative Grammar of French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese is broken and the other seems to be insecure, with new windows with ads opening up and so on. Can someone share the pdf in some other way?

    • It’s best to access Deposit Files with your Adblocker on. I’ve also just re-uploaded the pdf to the link so try downloading it again.

      • Calle Österlind

        And now it works just fine.
        Thank you very much!