Common Slang Verbs in Informal Spoken French: New Video

The 4th video in the informal French series: slang verbs with their standard/written counterparts, with sample sentences to illustrate their use.

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  • Damien Hall

    What a great resource! Glad I found it! I've got a couple of comments on this video, though:

    - insofar as there's any usual spelling of a word that's usually said and not written, I think I have seen 'choper' “catch” more frequently written with one 'p' than with two
    - I think this list may mix different 'ages' of slang. I'm not a native French speaker, or living in France (not since 2007), but, when I was, I have the impression that 'gonzesse' was decidedly, well, _passé_ …
    - This video should come with the standard warning that too much slang used by foreigners whose French isn't otherwise fluent will make those foreigners sound silly, as if they're trying too hard. But that's a standard part of any teaching about foreign slang!

    Thanks for the post, though!

  • Benny the Irish polyglot

    Love this series! Got reminded of a couple of words that were slipping from me, thanks! :)
    Best of luck in the Top 100 Language blogs this week!!

  • cathy

    i love this series! it helps a lot to see the words, because i always here the words, but am always too lazy to go look them up. i also like seeing the formal version in light gray. thank you for making this!

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