Bonne Année !

By   January 16, 2007

So much has happened in the past two months. I spent Christmas and New Year’s in France with my boyfriend’s family. My vacation was a little hectic because I got sick twice and I even missed the first week back at work in January because I had a horrible flu. But I did manage to go to Dublin for a few days. It was my first trip to Ireland.

Now there are only 4 more weeks until the next vacation. My parents will be visiting during the February break and we’re going to Paris. Then I’m going to Barcelona with another assistant for a few days. It will be my first time in Spain.

I’m half done with my thesis. It will be so nice to finally get that done with. Except I have to pay about $1,000 just to get the last few credits I need to graduate this spring. But then I will have a Master’s degree!

I have my lessons scheduled and planned already until the end of April (the end of my teaching contract). Now I just need to finish some little details and I can concentrate more on studying French and spending time with the boyfriend.

I tried to apply for the CAF last month, but was refused because I don’t have my carte de séjour yet. Things are so much more complicated for non-EU residents here. I really wish I were British…

I’m still waiting for my new Carte Vitale too. The social security office sent me two Carte Vitales with the wrong number on it. ::sigh:: I’ve had to go to the doctor three times in the past three weeks and get three different prescriptions. It’s very confusing to do that without a Carte Vitale.

And I finally bought a monthly bus pass so I don’t have to walk everywhere. It’s actually still nice out, about 10 C / 50 F everyday, but it’s also nice to be able to hop on a bus whenever I want to.