Bassano del Grappa for the Weekend

I’m leaving France once again.

We’re going here tomorrow:

Bassano del Grappa is in the province of Vicenza in northern Italy. The parents of David’s maternal grandmother came from this city, and we are taking Mamie there so she can finally see where her parents lived. They moved to France in 1931 because they were against fascism, and they stopped speaking Italian as soon as they settled in Annecy. Mamie was born a year later, and so she is a French citizen and speaks only French. This will be her first time outside of France and first time on an airplane (we’re flying Lyon to Venice). She’s 78 years old and has always wanted to see Italy and I am happy to be able to finally take her there.

If you subscribe to the French Listening Resources podcast, I recently uploaded a 5 part interview with Mamie about her life in Annecy during World War II. It’s all in French, of course, but I hope to transcribe and translate it into English before the end of summer.

Wish me luck on translating from Italian to French!

  • Anne

    An amazing story .. How wonderful that Mamie finally gets to see where her parents came from .. I thought I was doing something great when I took the first flight on my own to Canada (another first too) a few weeks ago… I am sure this does not compare to this wonderful trip Mamie is about to take. I am truly amazed and happy for her.

  • I nearly had a job in Bassano del Grappa once…sigh… It's beautiful. Have a great time!

  • wow a great and interesting story! It's always emotional if you get to the place where you're origin from. If you're in Italy, you both have to try