Basic Phrases with Pronunciation: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Swedish Available

If you’d like to study basic phrases for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, or Swedish, I’ve created new pages with the list of phrases and mp3s for each phrase (instead of one mp3 for all the phrases together). Now you can listen to each phrase individually before trying out the audio flashcards to test yourself.



Dutch and Danish will be coming next, and eventually I’d like to have audio on the Romance Languages Phrases and Germanic Languages Phrases pages as well.

Right now the mp3 player is flash so it won’t work on iOS but I’m looking into a small html5 player. Changing all of the code will take a long time though. In the meantime, you should still see a link to the mp3 if you’re using an Apple device and you can click on it to play it, however the Quicktime logo will appear so you can’t actually read and listen at the same time. When the mp3 has finished playing, Safari will automatically go back to the page (or at least it does on my iPod!)

  • Spanish Exito

    Read phrases in various languages. Very interesting indeed. I think
    knowing these basic phrases will give a handy and work-in knowledge on the
    language concerned. Also it boosts your confidence while talking.

  • Kevin

    Hi! I was just wondering, where’s your Swedish speaker from? I spent half a year in Stockholm back in 2011, and the Swedish i heard around me (and that i learnt in class) was a bit different. For example, the [g] in “jag” was hardly ever pronounced. Neither was the [d] in “god morgon” and “god dag”. I also feel like some of the vowels, particularly å, and the intonation, were a bit different as well, although with these especially my judgements would probably be a bit suspect, since i’m not a native speaker.

  • Jennie Wagner

    Krystallia is from the southwest part of Sweden, near Gothenburg. Their accent is a bit different from the Stockholm accent.

  • Sprachaufnahmen

    Very interesting, thanks, we try that. Best Bibleio

  • italyanca

    thanks for Basic Italian Phrases