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New mobile layout on ielanguages.com

If you’ve checked out ielanguages.com over the past 24 hours, you should have noticed a new layout and navigation bar. I am now using Bootstrap to make the site more mobile-friendly, though with all the tables, some pages might not look perfect on smaller screens. I still have lots of code to check over as there are hundreds of pages on the site so please let me know if there are any major problems.

New fixed navigation bar

New fixed navigation bar

Audio players for the rest of the language tutorials that have mp3s will be added shortly, and the multilingual comparative lists now have a pretty great feature where you can move the columns around. Now you get to choose which languages are side by side!

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I will be working on filling in the missing vocabulary of the multilingual lists (especially Danish), finally uploading more realia (I think I’ve got 7 new languages to add!), and getting the photo albums back online over the coming weeks/months. I am also taking 4 classes online and working 2 part-time jobs while finishing the final version of my thesis, so if someone could add more hours to the day that would be great. Long(er) term goals include expanding the bilingual tutorials (updating French/Italian and French/German, adding at least French/Spanish) and recording more authentic listening resources in a variety of languages.

I’m also looking for a new VPS hosting company since I am experiencing too many 503 errors due to scripts getting automatically killed by my current host. I have followed all of their advice to optimize the PS but nothing seems to be working so I’m thinking it’s time for a change to find something better. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

MOOCs for Learning French

France Université Numerique (or FUN) is finally offering MOOCs for learning French as a foreign language! For those who have reached A1 level, Cours de français langue étrangère by Alliance Française runs October 5 to November 22, 2015, and requires 2 hours of work each week. For those at level B1, Université de Nantes is offering […]
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Text to Speech Websites for Pronunciation Practice

Listening and speaking skills can be difficult to gain for beginning language students, especially if their textbooks provide very little audio-visual resources and they are too intimidated to use authentic resources online which tend to be completely in the target language. Most of the time my students want to work on pronunciation of isolated words […] Continue reading →