Authentic French with Commercials and Films

Friday was my 30th birthday and as my birthday gift to all of you, I give you even more authentic French listening resources and exercises!  Luckily we have a great language lab at my university so I have been able to create some listening exercises for my students to try out, and of course  I want to share them with other educators and learners. So as a sister site to the original French Listening Resources – where you will find authentic and spontaneous mp3s and videos of French spoken in France – I have created a new page on for learning authentic French with online videos and transcripts.

Authentic French with Commercials and Films

There are watch & read resources and some gap-fill exercises available for commercials, film trailers and the mini-série Bref. I also have a few transcripts of short scenes from films, but the clips are not available online so you’ll have to use the DVDs. The resources include Belgian, Canadian, and northern France (Picard / ch’ti) accents in addition to the standard French of France accent.

As of right now, the resources are: commercials for McDonald’s, Orangina, Nutella, and the film trailers for Rien à Déclarer and French Immersion as well as one episode of Bref. The DVD scene transcripts are available for L’auberge espagnole, Bienvenue chez les ch’tis, Prête-moi ta main, and Bon Cop Bad Cop. (I will add the time codes soon.)

  • It’s great to see that you’ve uploaded some good MP3 in your website. I agree it’s really helpful to listen the language while reading the same. It’s very important for any to know about the perfect pronunciation! 

  • Oh that’s very cool, and I love that you’re providing a transcription of the actual French instead of a translation, those are actually much more useful than a translation, contrary to what a lot of people think when they first start looking into doing that (using movies and such to learn a foreign language)–those English subtitles actually won’t help you that much.

    Right now my favorite method of learning languages is movies with subtitles in the language that they’re speaking.


  • Are there any subtitles for these movies?

  • I haven’t seen any subtitles.

  • I found it on opensubtitles !