Australia to France in December

Traveling from Australia to France always involves a lot of flying (ok, Australia to Anywhere involves a lot of flying), but changing seasons is another big shock that is hard to get used to. I spent Christmas in summer with temps in the 30s C / 90s F and then I came back to the Alps where it is snowing and barely above freezing.

I went from this:

to this:

and on Sunday I will be heading to Michigan where it is even colder and more snow is in the forecast.

I am enjoying my time in France even though this trip is rather short (only 4 days). I went to Grenoble yesterday to meet up with Crystal (Crystal goes to Europe) and Dana (grenobloise) and today I am spending New Year’s Eve in Annecy. Actually, I’m spending most of my time with this furball since I haven’t seen him in nearly six months:

He hasn’t changed at all.

Bonne année à tous et à toutes !

Happy New Year everyone!

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  • Tyler Hamilton

    Happy New Year Jennie!  Whose cat is that?  Thanks and I love your blog!

  • Tyler Hamilton

    I just read your about page and see that it must be Canaille… sorry I am new to your blog.

  • Sandy Maberly

    So glad you get some face time with your kitty! Happy New Year!

  • Jennie Wagner

    Thanks Tyler! Happy New year to you too! That is my cat, Canaille, but he still lives in France. I didn’t want to put him through the quarantine in Australia so I decided to leave him in Annecy.

  • Jennie Wagner

    Happy New Year to you too! :)

  • SecondLanguageLrning

    I know exactly what you mean. My husband is from Mauritius (a native French speaker), also in the southern hemisphere, and it is a real shocker to travel across the equator during the solstice periods.

    Did you try seeing which way the water goes down the drain in the two hemispheres? I actually believed that it was true what people said about the different directions, but it is not.

    Don’t be too depressed in your winter wonderland!

  • Jennie Wagner

    I had actually forgotten about that myth until I watched the Simpsons again. lol I wonder why so many people believe it. The water doesn’t even swirl down the drain in either direction, it just goes straight down.

    Have you been to Mauritius? I would love to go there!!

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