Applied Linguistics Conference in New Zealand

I’m off to New Zealand in two weeks to present at the Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand / Applied Linguistics Association of Australia conference in Wellington. My presentation is “Formality and Francophonie: Stylistic and geographic variation in university textbooks of French” (Spoiler alert: there isn’t much.) The conference is November 27-29 at Victoria University of Wellington and I plan to live tweet the sessions I attend, probably with the hashtag #alanz2013.

Wellington with cable car (Wikimedia Commons)

Wellington with cable car (Wikimedia Commons)

Then on November 30, Michelle will be joining me from the US and we will begin our annual vacation together. (Remember our European and Australian vacations?) We’ll be exploring both the North and South Islands of New Zealand as well as the Cook Islands, which is in free association with New Zealand.

This will be my first trip to a tropical island in the South Pacific and my first experience with Polynesian languages. I hope to learn more Maori and Cook Islands Maori because right now my vocabulary is limited to kia ora / kia orana.

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Dr. Jennifer Wagner

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  • Have a great time and can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  • gwan

    Have a great time in my home country, Vic’s where I did my second Masters. (Don’t go expecting a tropical island though!!)

    • gwan

      Oops sorry, I realise you probably mean the Cook Islands by that 🙂

      • Yeah, I’m already assuming that I will be freezing in NZ since I’m usually cold in Australia. I hope it’s warm enough for me in Rarotonga! Anything below 25 and I’m chilly. 🙂