And the I Hate Easyjet Saga Continues…

I got an e-mail from Easyjet that we should be reimbursed for the canceled flight, and a whole 120€ of the nearly 1,000€ we spent on rental cars, gas, and tolls. But who knows when/if we’ll actually receive the money. This morning we also found out that the first rental car company, Locauto, charged us extra for damage to the car that we did not do. They were the only agency at Venice airport that had any cars left to rent, so we had no other option. The car was dirty, the gas tank was half full and there was no physical checking of the car before leaving to report any damage already done. I saw a tiny scratch on the door but assumed that it was already noted on the paper, like had been done with the car we rented from Budget during the vacation. Big mistake. Locauto charged us an extra 75€ even though we wrote a long report about getting the car in an emergency situation.  I don’t know what to do now about disputing the charge.

The only other response I’ve gotten from Easyjet is on Twitter (and it wasn’t even directed at me but  Zetourist who RTed what I had said), when they said the flight was cancelled, not because they didn’t want to pay their crew overtime, but because it would compromise the flight’s safety if they worked the extra hours. OK… WHAT ABOUT THE SAFETY OF 100 PASSENGERS ABANDONED OVERNIGHT AT A FREAKING AIRPORT WITH NO FOOD OR WATER AND WHO WERE NEARLY THROWN OUTSIDE ON THE SIDEWALK AT 1 AM BY THE COPS??? What about the babies and children who were crying because they were so traumatized? What about grandma who nearly passed out and needed to see the airport doctor to make sure her heart wouldn’t stop beating?

Sorry for going on and on about Easyjet, but I am still a little shaken up about this whole ordeal. I have nightmares that grandma died at the airport and I break into tears just thinking about how frustrated we all were that Easyjet could treat us so badly. And knowing how much money we had to pay frustrates me even more, especially with both car rental companies trying to scam us. I’m not going to stop until Easyjet has reimbursed us for EVERYTHING because 1,000€ is a huge chunk of money for us.

Seeing the article from 2 years ago “Les passagers du vol Venise-Lyon se rebellent” makes me even more angry that they’ve been doing this for so long. Almost the exact same thing happened, except at least those passengers got a hotel and food. How can companies get away with this? Doesn’t anyone sue in Europe?  Easyjet clearly breaks the law and deny passengers their rights. I’m certainly going to “porter plainte” here in France.

I know people always say “you get what you pay for” but why is that we must be rich in order to be treated decently? Why can’t poor people be treated equally? That’s actually why I preferred low-cost airlines in the first place. There is no first or business class and everyone is treated the same. But now I refuse to fly low-cost for fear of being treated like garbage again and I can’t afford regular airlines where I’m still treated a little like garbage for being in economy class and not at the front of the plane.

Looks like I’ll be sticking to driving (though now I’m also afraid to rent cars for fear of being ripped off) and taking the train when I can actually afford to travel again.

Update August 6: I did receive reimbursement for the canceled flight, but still nothing for the alternative travel costs.

  • MilkJam

    Look into your house insurance policy, often times you'll have included an option called “protection juridique” and you can call them for advice on legal issues, they can send out letters to companies and help you with claims and stuff. It's worth it to check and see if you already have that coverage.

    Otherwise in Caen there was a maison de justice and you could go get free legal advice. I think this would be worth taking further if you can!

  • Alex

    Well, *sue* them. If the flight started on french soil, check… and if it started on swiss soil, look for “Stiftung Konsumentenschutz”.
    And make the case public. Obviously you can express yourself quite well (grin), so create a public (http://www.easy-deseaster.$domain)? and state the _facts_. Get other customers to join, and put some ants under their feet.
    I have been and will be using easyjet in the future, but I will NEVER RELY on their services, NEVER. You always need to have a backup plan 🙂

  • Ali