Intercomprehension Websites for Learning Multiple Languages

Intercomprehension Websites for Learning Multiple Languages

Explore Some Intercomprehension Websites Learning to Comprehend Several Languages at the Same Time I have previously posted about comparative books for learning several languages together, including EuROM5 which has an accompanying website. Here are some other intercomprehension websites for learning multiple languages at the same time. These projects focus on comprehending languages related to your […]

FluentU vs Yabla – Language Learning with Authentic Video

FluentU vs Yabla Language Learning with Authentic Video

FluentU vs Yabla for Learning Languages through Video Immersion FluentU and Yabla are subscription websites for learning languages with authentic videos. Because they include subtitles (as well as English translations), the videos are a great way to improve your comprehension and learn new vocabulary. In this FluentU vs Yabla review, we’ll start with what both […]

Introducing Dr Jennifer Wagner

Dr Jennifer Wagner

It’s official. I am Dr Jennifer Wagner. As of December 10, 2015, my degree was conferred by the university council and I have the right to call myself a doctor. My PhD took more than four years, even though nine months at the end was mostly doing paperwork and waiting. The actual research and thesis writing portion was […]

English lecteur / lectrice positions at French universities 2016-17

English lecteur 2016

Welcome to the annual list of English lecteur / lectrice and maître de langue positions at French universities! Thanks to Dana, we have the first job announcements for the 2016-17 academic year. Read through this previous post about these English lecturer positions in France for more information and the education requirements.  You can also check out last […]

Three Scandinavian Languages Compared

Scandinavian Languages

Learn Scandinavian Languages Together Here’s another multilingual video: three Scandinavian languages compared. You can learn basic phrases in Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish (phrases presented in that order). Recordings were created by native speakers from southern Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Tack / takk / tak to Krystallia, Celine, Anders and Bjørn! Don’t forget to subscribe to the […]

Learn Swedish with Swedish Language Tutorial

Learn Swedish with Swedish Language Tutorial by

Do you want to learn Swedish? Swedish Language Tutorial is now available for purchase in PDF format or as a print-on-demand paperback! This tutorial includes the original vocabulary and grammar review, the authentic listening resources with transcriptions and translations (formatted line by line with the English directly below the Swedish for easier reading/listening), and Swedish […]

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