Fun Spanish Accents Game

Spanish Accents Game by El País

Play a Spanish Accents Game Here’s a fun game to see if you can hear the various Spanish accents around the world. El País has a multiple choice quiz where you choose a country depending on which accent you hear in the video.     I have no problems hearing differences in the accents from Spain, […]

American English Courses at Udemy

American English courses at Udemy with Dr. Jennie

American English Courses at American Pronunciation and English for French Speakers Courses Are you learning American English? Do you need help with American pronunciation? I have been busy the past few months creating American English courses for Udemy, and they are finally ready! Currently, there are two courses available: American English Pronunciation: Vowels and Consonants […]

Romance Languages Verb Conjugations – now with Portuguese

Romance Languages Verb Conjugations

Romance Languages Verb Conjugations – now with Portuguese The tables of Romance languages verb conjugations are currently being updated to include Portuguese. The tables are arranged with the columns containing French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese – but you can easily drag the columns into whichever order you’d like:   The tables include present, imperfect, preterite, future, conditional, present […]

Intercomprehension Websites for Learning Multiple Languages

Intercomprehension Websites for Learning Multiple Languages

Explore Some Intercomprehension Websites Learning to Comprehend Several Languages at the Same Time I have previously posted about comparative books for learning several languages together, including EuROM5 which has an accompanying website. Here are some other intercomprehension websites for learning multiple languages at the same time. These projects focus on comprehending languages related to your […]

FluentU vs Yabla – Language Learning with Authentic Video

FluentU vs Yabla Language Learning with Authentic Video

FluentU vs Yabla for Learning Languages through Video Immersion FluentU and Yabla are subscription websites for learning languages with authentic videos. Because they include subtitles (as well as English translations), the videos are a great way to improve your comprehension and learn new vocabulary. In this FluentU vs Yabla review, we’ll start with what both […]

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