Authentic French with Commercials & Films

Watch & read and a few gap-fill activities for Francophone commercials and film trailers are available for videos hosted on Youtube. Transcripts and some gap-fill activities are also available for film clips; however, most of the clips are not available online so the DVDs will be necessary. National and regional flags indicate the main accent(s) heard in each video, which may also include metropolitan French accents. Currently the various accents include those of France, Picardy, Tahiti, Canada, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana, Belgium, Switzerland and Senegal. Don't forget to check out the sister site, French Listening Resources, for more authentic (and spontaneous) French and online exercises with mp3s and videos recorded in France. Some slideshows of informal French are also available at Informal French Videos.

For more French learning through authentic videos, I recommend Yabla French and FluentU. For audiobooks and lessons of modern French, try French Today. I've recommended some French books at Amazon, and Interlinear books are great for learning French by reading literal translations in English. If you'd like a guide to help with motivation and confidence in learning and speaking French, check out Why French is Easy. Need even more French? Try the French courses at Udemy

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Short videos (up to one minute)


France McCafé France (2 commercials) watch & read  
Canada McCafé Canada watch & read gap-fill activity
France Orangina (3 commercials) watch & read  
France Nutella watch & read  
France Clairefontaine (2 commercials) watch & read (coming soon)  
France Electricité de France (EDF) watch & read  
French Polynesia Tahiti Tourisme watch & read  
France Bouygues Telecom Chatons watch & read  
Switzerland Carglass Suisse watch & read  
France Oreo Commercial watch & read  
Quebec Nickels Québec watch & read  
New Brunswick Nouveau-Brunswick watch & read  
Louisiana CODOFIL TV Spot watch & read  
France Chocosui's watch & read  
France Quels sont vos bonbons préférés ? watch & read  
Belgium Communité française de Belgique watch & read  
France Monstres Academy Trailer watch & read  
France Gad El Maleh et Facebook watch & read  
Senegal Crédit Mutuel du Sénégal watch & read  



Long videos (more than one minute)


France Cliché ! La France vue de l'étranger watch & read gap-fill activity
Belgium Rien à Déclarer Trailer watch & read gap-fill activity
Quebec French Immersion Trailer watch & read  
France Les Intouchables Trailer watch & read  
France Bref. J'ai monté un meuble. watch & read  
France Bref. J'ai passé un entretien d'embauche. watch & read  
Louisiana Louisiana Story watch & read  
Belgium Les accents belges watch & read  
Switzerland Les Stratèges Militaires Suisses watch & read  
Quebec Claire Sigouin 97 ans watch & read  
France Office de Tourisme - Nouvelle-Calédonie watch & read  
Switzerland Journée à Génève watch & read  
France Dessiner un homme avec une cicatrice watch & read  
Switzerland Lonfat, Bonvin et Quentin nous parle de l'équipe de Suisse watch & read (coming soon)  
France Les joueurs de pétanque de Cassis watch & read (coming soon)  



Film Clips / Extraits


Belgium L'auberge espagnole transcript gap-fill activity
Picardie Bienvenue chez les ch'tis transcript  
France Prête-moi ta main transcript gap-fill activity
Quebec Bon Cop Bad Cop transcript  


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