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The Afrikaans language is a Germanic language spoken by about 10 million people in South Africa and Namibia as well as Botswana and Zimbabwe. Afrikaans is very closely related to Dutch,  and to a lesser extent, English and German.

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Written by Selçuk Mert Köseoğlu / Proofread & recorded by Sarien

About the author: Hello! My name is Selçuk Mert Köseoğlu. I am 15 and from Turkey. I love languages. I can speak English, German, Swedish and Esperanto. I also have a conlang named Olesi. If you are interested in constructed languages you can visit my website. I learnt basic Swedish from this website so I am so glad that now I can help people who want to learn Afrikaans by themselves. Enjoy!

If you are learning more than one Germanic language, check out Germanic Languages. These comparative vocabulary lists and verb conjugations include English, German, Dutch, Swedish as well as some Afrikaans, Danish, and Norwegian.

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