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From Afrikaans to Ukrainian, ielanguages.com offers several language lessons and courses - for free!   The most popular courses, such as French, German, Spanish, Swedish, and Italian, include interactive exercises and audio recordings created by native speakers. Learning more than one language at a time? Try the multilingual lessons!

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Thanks to the accompanying audio files, you can listen and read at the same time, which significantly increases your level of comprehension.

All of the recordings were created by native speakers and they are included as a free download with the purchase of the language tutorials.

The PDF versions include more content than what is available online, as well as free lifetime updates to the e-book and the mp3s.

Jennifer Wagner PhD

Jennifer Wagner

PhD in Applied Linguistics

A Message from the Author

Thank you for visiting ielanguages.com. I created this website many years ago to help others learn languages. Since then I have expanded it to include information on teaching English abroad, the science of linguistics, and living in France. I hope you enjoy the lessons and articles, and I wish you success in your language learning adventure.

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