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French: Le français is my second language and I've been interested in teaching French online for years. I've finally begun to create online vocabulary and listening exercises for students of French - including slang and informal language missing from textbooks, as well as videos and podcasts. France: I lived in France from 2006 to 2011. I originally worked as an English assistant at middle and high schools but moved on to teaching at the university level. I've written several pages on the assistantship program and being an expat in France that new residents should find helpful.
Languages: There are a total of 20 language tutorials on the site, a few of which include audio files, flashcards and exercises. I'm a strong supporter of using computers and the internet in language learning and teaching, and I'd like to incorporate more audio-visual resources into the tutorials. Linguistics: The scientific study of language and how humans learn a second language has always been the focus of my studies. In this section, you can find notes and papers I wrote in undergrad and graduate school, mostly on second language acquisition.
Realia: Authentic language learning resources such as photos, menus, road signs, brochures, receipts, etc. collected from various countries. Twelve languages are currently available. Blog: I generally post every week on topics such as French culture vs. American culture vs. Australian culture, studying French and other languages, interesting websites for learning languages, surviving French bureaucracy, and traveling.
Podcast: My French Listening Resources mp3s are available as a free podcast through iTunes. Listen to unscripted, unrehearsed French on a variety of topics to improve your comprehension of the spoken language and learn about the culture of France. Recently updated to include Swedish. Travel: Learning languages and traveling go together! I've traveled to 28 countries so far, and uploaded many of my photos to web albums. Feel free to use the photos as you'd like. Some tips and advice on traveling inexpensively in Europe are also included.
About/Contact: For those who are curious as to who exactly runs this site: it's just me. I do all of the coding and updating by myself, but I have been helped by very generous people who wrote some of the language tutorials for languages that I am not yet studying. Store: Help support by purchasing my French e-book or sending a donation. The 2nd edition of French Language Tutorial is available as an e-book in PDF format ($14.95) or coil-bound paperback book ($29.95), shipped worldwide through Thank you for your support!




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